About us

Real Imaging is a trusted secure issuance service provider that provides quality ID card printing systems for schools, businesses, government organisations and integrators. We specialise in top brands such as Datacard, HID and Zebra assuring the latest ID card security features along with scalable and upgradable card printing equipment. We also provide great onsite and offsite technical support with trained and certified technicians to ensure that your printer downtime is reduced to a bare minimum. For more information on Real Imaging feel free to contact us on info@realimaging.co.za

Our Focus

Digital Identity Solutions and secure ID issuance programs for African Governments, Banking, Education sector, Healthcare and Corporate Enterprise is some of our key focuses with in South Africa. A large number of customers in various vertical markets and industries make use of our products, software and desktop card printing technology to give identity to the people of Africa. 

The Real Imaging Business Platform

Real Imaging is primarily an E-Commerce platform. Please note that the address bellow is our HQ and we do not accept walk in clients. Should you need a live demonstration on any of our products feel free to contact us to book an appointment.

Real Imaging Headquarters

To arrange for collection, book an appointment or schedule a demo give us a call or send us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.